Rooms, Rates and Availability

Below you’ll find pictures and descriptions of the rooms. Before contacting us about a reservations, please read it through. Clink on the link to see availability. You may combine different rooms if nothing is available for the duration of your preferred dates. For example, you wish to stay between the 10th and 14th of August but you find the Hut is only available 10th-12th. Compare with the other rooms, since you could move and get to experience another sleeping option too. If you email us with your request, we will help you fit it all together. We update the calendars about once every day, so keep in mind that they are not always absolutely accurate.

All rates are excluding tax – kids 14 and under $15

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Secluded Hut

IMG_0384  IMG_0365

Set 200 feet from the main building in the mossy spruce woods. Wake up by the birds and perhaps a passing deer.
Has a double bed, no electricity, we provide a lantern. $70 per night single or double occupancy.

Private room in main building


Private Room, sleeps 2 to 4 (one double bed and a set of bunk beds) located in the main building on the second floor.
$70 per night single or double occupancy, additional adults add $30 each.

Dorm room


Three single beds, with plenty of floor space. Please show courtesy to other guests by respecting quiet hours. If you know you snore, please choose a private option. Dorm bed #4 is a single bed just outside of the dorm room, separated from the hallway by a curtain.

The Attic


With the finest garden view in the house, this 3rd floor room has a double and a single bed and is reached by a ship ladder from the dorm room. Even in warm weather it cools of fast in the evenings and has a window with screen that can be opened. Since the hole where the ladder comes up is open to the 2nd floor it is not as sound proof at other private rooms. $50 single or double occupancy.

Single Private Room

AliKaukas-2015-2245      single private room 007

A small room with a single bed in a separate building. Wonderful view of the main house, has electricity, close to a composting toilet. $35.