Events and Workshops

Deer Isle Hostel and Homestead Events and Education 2017

All events will take place at the Deer Isle Hostel, 65 Tennis Rd, Deer Isle, unless otherwise noted. 207-348-2308. Most classes has limited space – call or email to reserve your spot.

Tour of the Deer Isle Hostel – Homesteading in the 21st Century Learn about traditional and modern methods used to produce building materials, food, garden amendments and energy in harmony with the island landscape. Tour the gardens and the orchard, look at the Shiitake-production and the compost-heated outdoor shower. See the hand-built 17th Century inspired timber-framed building and the many outbuildings.
Every Saturday through July and August. Tour starts at 10 am. Suggested donation $5-10.
IMG_7921 July 1st – Granite splitting demo
August 12th – Compost heated shower demo

Get Growing! A 5 session gardening class at the Deer Isle Hostel
Come learn the basics of starting and maintaining an organic vegetable garden – with one class a month from April through August you’ll learn what to do in the different seasons, from preparing the beds in early spring to processing and preserving the produce in late summer. The classes are hands on, and emphasizes on sustainable practices, natural materials and efficient methods for the backyard gardener. Open for all levels of gardening experience. A small group size will make the curriculum flexible and adaptable to the desires of the participants.
9-11.30 am. Rain date the following Saturday of all classes.
Come dressed for outside work. $30/class or $105 for all classes prepaid. Limited space, early registration encouraged. Scholarships available.

Saturday April 22nd Prepare the garden for early spring planting. We’ll go through the different steps in how the prepare the garden beds for the season – the different tools and how to use them, compost making, how to decide what to plant where, when and how.


Saturday May 20th Planting summer crops. Time to plant squash, zucchini and cucumbers! We’ll talk about how to make most use of a small garden space, fertilizers for heavy feeding crops and the characteristics of different varieties. We’ll also practice how to transplant tomatoes and brassica (cabbage, broccoli, etc) and how to get the garden off on a good start.

Sunday June 4th Foraging wild foods and medicinal plants with Brighid Doherty, herbalist Come explore the nutrient dense and flavorful wild salad that grows right outside your front door. We will learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare abundant wild foods such as Dandelion, Plantain, Violet, Yellow dock, and Evening primrose. Edible and medicinal uses of these and other plants will be discussed. $15 1-2:30pm

Saturday June 17th Get Growing! To set the garden up for success. A little work now will save a lot of work later – we’ll talk about different techniques to minimize the amount of time spent with garden upkeep such as watering and weeding. We’ll go through what natural materials we can use for mulching and how to best prevent weeds. We’ll also talk about pests like bugs, raccoons and voles and how to best keep them away.


Sunday June 18th Herbal Spa Day w Brighid Doherty, herbalist Come nourish your body, mind and soul with a multi-treatment herbal spa including a 6 step facial and hand/foot soaks surrounded by the beauty of the hostel gardens. The treatments are handmade with herbs, fruits and grains such as rose, lavender, mint, oats, lemon and honey. Start your summer right with renewed skin, relaxed mind and joyful soul. $30. 10 am – noon.

Saturday July 8th Deer Isle Hostel Annual Summer Party w The SoulBenders!! Some people plan their vacation to make this show! Guaranteed to make you dance, dance, dance. Bonfire, outdoor stage – bring snacks to share! 7 pm – 10 pm. $5 band donation.

Saturday July 22nd Get Growing! Summer maintenance and garlic harvest. There are gains to make by simple maintenance at this time. We’ll go through how to best thin crops like beets and carrots, how to prune tomato plants, and what great uses some of those pesky weeds have. It’s also time to harvest flowers for herbal teas and soon to dig the garlic. 

Sunday July 30th Herbal First Aid with Brighid Doherty, herbalist Many plants are effective wound healers, itch relievers, burn soothers, bone and tissue connectors, and inflammation halters. They make simple, safe and helpful remedies for minor injuries incurred while in the garden or on the trail. IMG_6797We will learn how to identify, harvest, prepare and use Yarrow, St John’s Wort, Plantain, Calendula, and Comfrey for first aid purposes. Demonstrations of how to make herbal products to add to your own first aid kit will be provided. $20 1-3pm

Saturday August 26th Get Growing!
Preserving the bounty – Saur Kraut and other fermented goods.
Fermentation is one of the oldest and best known ways to preserve food – not only does it expand the storage life of your hard earned produce but it also enhances flavor and nutrition. Learn some low labor and simple techniques to make saur kraut, kim chi and salsa as well as how to ferment cauliflower, corn, green beans and broccoli.