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A Homesteader’s Year on Deer Isle

From the back cover: In this collection of blogs Anneli Carter-Sundqvist takes the reader through a whole year of living on a self-sufficient, off-the-grid homestead on an island off the coast of Maine. She and her husband Dennis live in a small cabin, heat and cook with wood, grow a whole year’s supply of food, raise pigs and chickens, provide their own building materials, garden amendments and energy. In the summers they run the only hostel on the Maine coast: the Deer Isle Hostel, providing budget accommodation and positive-impact living education for hundreds of travelers each year.

Anneli tells the day-to-day stories: about digging out new garden space, swimming in the pond, chasing the pigs and preserving 150 heads of cabbage. She also shares her political and philosophical reasons for why in the 21st Century, with an unsettled global economy and changing weather patterns, homesteading and living off the land is not just something from the past but rather a sensible, dignifying and viable option for the future.

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To schedule a book presentation/slide show, contact Anneli. Separate chapters from the book can be purchased for publication in relevant contexts.