Welcome to Deer Isle Hostel

Open for the 2021 season May 28th through September 5th!

We will start taking reservations for the 2021 season on Feb 10th. Please check back in then about the latest updates, prices, Covid-19 modifications and availability.

For room descriptions, availability calendar and contact info click here

Eco-hostel on a bridge accessed island in Maine
Hand built 17th century inspired building
Private rooms for up to 4 people – Secluded Huts – Tent platform
Solar power – Hand pumped water – Hot Outdoor shower
Communal dinner each evening at 6.30 pm
Organic gardens – Chickens!
Excellent kayaking/canoeing archipelago – Next to ocean side nature preserve and hiking trails

No pets please – Check in 4.30 – 9pm

 How do I make a reservation?                                   How do I get here?

Check out Dennis’ video Cutting Stone at the Deer Isle Hostel


 Photo courtesy of Noha Kalina, Ali Kaukas, Layla Motta,
Anneli Carter-Sundqvist, Colleen M Delaney, Dan Rajter Katie Dobies.

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